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stopped breathing. i screamed at him he said, don't die on me. don't die on me. medley survived. he said of the inside of his car there was so much blood it was sloshing. 6-year-old veronica sullivan was found by specialist sergeant gerald he was close to tears i checked for a pulse she was dead no pulse he said. >> what they have on the docket ... >> reporter: her great aunt was in the courtroom and heard it all. >> it was gut wrenching it really was. to think that a 6-year-old child's life was snuffed out. >> reporter: holmes never looked at her or any victims sitting in the courtrooms. >> what do you want done? >> i want him to have a fair trial and i want him convicted and my wish is that he have life in prison and every day he thinks about those victims by having their pictures on the wall. >> reporter: police discovered holmes bought his ticket july 8th, two weeks before the july 20th shooting and they is surveillance video the lobby showing him acting so normally he held the door open for another couple and politely let them in. barry peterson, cbs news, arapahoe county courthouse
should . >> but it's not up to the fans! who baseball writer s s shot down today. and why you don't see anything with the name bonds in the giants doug out store. ,,,,,, ,,,, america's 37th president wod have turned 100 today. but beyond the disgrace of watergate - the nixon legacy still has a broad impact on our l today. in 1969, he canceled the drt ... moving the united states toward an all- volunteer military. in 1970, he created the environmental protection ag - which some republicans now want to disband. and in 1972 - for anyone whs a daughter who loves sports: it was richard nixon who si into law "title nine." marking today's anniversarye historian called him: america's last great libera america's debate over gun control has landed in the b >> marking today's anniversary, one historian called him america's last great liberal. >>> america's debate over gun control has landed here in the bay area. the president of the task force is holding series of public forums across the 5th district. he is already recommending a ban on assault weapons and limit th purchase of certain magazines.
petroleum pipeline carrying gasoline and jet fuel. >> i don't know. i don't think about it. i mean we walk on this trail all the time. >> reporter: those living west of the trail don't think much about it either. >> why now is it all of a sudden is this thing coming up? >> reporter: over the decades, fences, posts and other landscaping items have been built close to the pipeline. they're supposed to be kept at least five feet away. now after updating its maps, the county is cracking down. >> it really doesn't matter what it is or potentially how much damage it could do. it can't be allowed. >> reporter: in 2004, the same pipeline exploded killing five people and injuring four others in walnut creek. it had been punctured by a backhoe. the county is worried that having the construction creates an elevated risk. the company that owns the pipeline kinder morgan has been inspecting the line in alamo. >> we are going to continue to make sure because it's a safety concern that those types of items are removed. >> here we are right in the heart of alamo. >> reporter: this property owner feels saf
and that is warmer next week. don't go shirtless, i don't think. and it won't be as chilly next week as last week and that is because the deep trough of low pressure is moving slowly to the east and that is being placed in the pacific and the rain confined. as a result, we have a lot of sun around the bay area and to the top of mount tam, too and mount diablo and they say you can see more land area than almost any other place on earth and you way atop this fold that overlooks the central valley. as a result, can you see the sierra on a day like this and maybe i will go up there. we're going to look for temperatures to be near 50 degrees and 50 in mountainview. 52 in medical pitas and cooler than. that brian in fairfield and pittsburg and looking at numbers in the low 50s and heading for the wine country, not bad and some frozen breaks and 51 for novato and petaluma a.52 in santa rosa and in san francisco today, we'll hit a high of 50 degrees and in oakland, 53 and tonight, a low of 26 in santa rosa and below freezeing tonight and the freeze warnings are still in full affect and the five-day forec
converted from maybe a laundry room. i don't know. it had no closet, no window. >> it's the most expensive housing market in the country. >> reporter: the rents are skyrocketing. the median rent in san francisco is $3,100 a month. san mateo, $2,550, the lowest in the bay area is $1,400 in solano county. $1,400! in the city , this is what you'll get for $1,395. a studio apartment. >> i posted it on tuesday, and i've gotten at least 40 calls and e-mails. >> we're seeing big price increases because some prices are rebounding. in the east bay, we're seeing huge price rebounds because prices fell so much during the housing bubble. >> reporter: in the last year, alameda county had a 13.2% increase in rent. >> i want a room of my own. joept to share. i don't think it's too much to ask. >>> one of the famed and beloved san francisco brown twins has died. vivian passed away in her sleep in an assisted living facility wednesday night after battling alzheimer's. she and her sister became san francisco staples after moving here from michigan more than four decades ago. after vivian fell ill in july, m
. don has more. >> here is the difference about watching at a bar. candle stick is dark and cold but at the bar it is celebratory dancing and here is what it looks like when the 9ers were playing. >> groaning and not cheering as green bay scores first. >> it was incredible. just being here in the middle has been exhilarating. >> got off to a bad start. >> yes, but it is early. a lot of time left. >> we came up from socal to watch. >> it no, we have to be in san francisco. >> even if it is on tv. >> yes, in the crowd. >> how does it feel? >> awesome, this is perfect. couldn't be better. >> first play of the 4th quarter, the frank gore, two yard run, another 49er touchdown and left no doubt about where the game was headed. >> defense. >> the right side and right moment and right play. the best defense in the lead and on top of their game. so pumped up and going to the superbowl. >>> the 49ers made believers of their faithful fans. >> and no doubt next week at this time we will be doing something similar in a place like this because as these fans say the 9ers will win. ann. >> like
and the answer i come up with it no. >>> a lot of people like to bad mouth our state, but don't look now, california is steaming toward a budget surplus and may be for the foreseeable future governor brown released his budget complete with an $851 million surplus. the last time we heard that ... schools are the big winner, they'll get an extra $3 billion. medical gets 300 million and a billion goes into the rainy day fund. brown says the key now is to hold the line on spending. >> what is compassionate, what is good for the state of california, and what we can maintain over time instead of just enjoying the momentary high and then having to hang over it many years later. >>> there is a little bit of low. california has a mountain of debt to pay back after borrowing during those down years. >>> meanwhile, someone didn't do a very good job estimating the cost of security cameras for the new bay bridge. the chp says it will cost $32 million. that's a little bit more than the original estimate of $8 million. the bridge is a potential terrorist target so it needs a state of the art security s
murders in connecticut and colorado. >> i don't think that a few people should make it to where everybody in the country has to pay for what these few people have done. >> reporter: the owner of the gun show promotion company is headed to washington this thursday for meetings on the gun issue. that invitation came from vice president joe biden. in ontario, greg mills, cbs5. >>> 8:34 now. and we've seen showers for the past several hours. sounds like -- >> showers or drizzle. >> oh. >> okay. >> we call it sheavesle -- shizzle in the business. the doppler is showing the main action moved out toward the central valley around modesto. still plenty of clouds to start out with and light showers, 44 degrees at concord, 48 in san francisco right now and 46 in san jose. after we dispense with the showers today, looks as if finally we will be drying it out for a while. bad news for fungus but good news for you and me. we will chat about that in a few minutes. >> i think you claimed a new phrase there, shizzle but then after that you have to say my nizzle. come on, guys. >> not going to go there. >>
. >> i don't think you can go through a career without having some interaction with the bottom or other vessels. >> reporter: captain met with coast guard officials today. he's been placed on administrative leave with may pending the outcome of this investigation. >> boeing has invest more than $30 million developing its 787 dream liner. for the second time 787s have been grounded for safety problems. kiet do is at the airport where the dream liner is set to make a regular appearance. >> reporter: the 787 has been called the next generation plane of the future and also an embarrassment to boeing. either way it'll be in san jose. so far it has not. a good week for the 787. 40-gallons of fuel spilled as a dream liner was about to take off. the plane was towed back to the gate. yesterday another 787 also from japan airlines had smoke spewing from the cabin after messages got off in boston. one month ago a united 787 made an emergency landing in new orleans after one in six generators failed. >> there are some things that are discovered during the real world of operational airline flying. >
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9